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Featured Wireless Communication Equipment

SensaLynk™ RF Wireless DIN System​

The A75x series offers simplicity and reliability in a point to point, multipoint or wireless mesh system. One A753 transmitter can communicate with multiple A750 receivers for redundancy. A repeater can be added simply by placing in between a transmitter and receiver, no programming is required. Three radio options are available: long range 900MHz 1W, 900MHz 50mW and 2.4GHz 63mW. In addition to transmission of the industry standard 4-20mA, our transmitters can directly process thermocouples, RTD and switch states. Up to 32 inputs may be transmitted with one transmitter when the A753 is paired with our A16000 expansion module.



  • 35mm DIN rail mount

  • Standard 1W long range output, optional 50mW & 63mW

  • Removable 2.0dBi dipole antenna

  • DIP switch selectable channels

  • Signal Strength indicator

  • Repeaters available

  • No software required

  • Factory configured for your application










SensaLynk™ RF Expansion Modules

The RF Expansion Model Axxxx expands the digital and analog inputs and outputs available for our wireless line of products (e.g., A750 receiver, A753 transmitter). Modules are available to accommodate both inputs and outputs at the transmitter and/or receiver.


The RF I/O Expansion Model A16000 can expand the inputs or outputs to 32. Up to four internal cards can be added to the A16000. Internal cards can include include analog or digital inputs or outputs. Each card has up to four inputs or outputs. Cards can be mixed, example: four 4-20mA inputs, four 4-20mA outputs, eight relay outputs. The A16000 is powered by the A750 or A753 via Anabus.

SensaLynk™ DIN Rail Wireless Repeater

The A759 repeater retransmits A75x series (e.g. A750 receiver, A753 transmitter) RF signals. This is useful to overcome obstacles that may impede RF signals. Additionally the A759 repeater can be utilized to extend the distance of A75x devices. Reception of signals is automatic so no computer configuration is required. Optional RF channels can be easily accessed via the front panel. 

The A759 repeater is powered from nominal +24 Vdc (11Vdc to 32 Vdc) and repeats at full 1Watt at 900MHz.

A753-BT Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter

The Model A753-BT transmitter offers battery power for installations that do not have access to 24Vdc. The transmitter utilizes a real time clock that allows transmission in- tervals of seconds to days. The transmitter can operate at full one watt of power and includes an excitation supply to power external devices. Input is 4-20mA and two discrete switches (wet or dry). The transmitter communicates with the standard 24Vdc powered A750 receiver. Options include a NEMA 4 enclosure and 2.4GHz, 63mW.


  • A750-BT Standard DIN rail mount device

  • A750-BT-EXP Housed in explosion proof enclosure with C1, D1, groups C & D antenna (two D cell batteries maximum).

  • A750-BT-N4 Housed in NEMA 4 enclosure (multiple batteries)










HazaLynk™ CTM/CTX Hazardous Area Antennas

Constructed for very rugged industrial applications. All hazardous area antennas  are UL  listed for Class 1, Groups C & D and haveATEX/IECEx Certification. A range of frequencies are available: 900MHz, 2.4GHz, Cellular, GPS and dual bands. Ideal for dual band access points.

  • Temperature Range (CTM and CTX series only): -40C to 85 C

  • 7 Joule impact rating

  • 2 Watt

  • Analynk patented product










HazaLynk™ Hazardous Area Access Point Enclosures

Designed for Class 1, Division 1, Hazardous Locations, Groups C & D, ATEX Zone 1. Available for Symbol, Cisco, Meru, Aruba, HP, and Motorola access points.


HazaLynk™ WEN series Hazardous Area RF Enclosures

The WEN series of hazardous area wireless enclosures include our proprietary CTX antenna and a Class 1, Div 1 enclosure. This allows the end user to quickly configure their own wireless products for use in the hazardous area. RF cables to connect to your electronics are available.

  • Suitable for Class 1,

  • Division 1, Groups C & D and

  • Class 1, Zone 1

  • Rated for -40C to +85C

Typical applications include cellular (dual band) and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) as well as 900 MHz. Options include window and extended depth.

Telmar Instruments 2-Wire Transmitters​

The 568000 series of isolated “Two Wire” transmitters are designed for the general-purpose instrumentation market. These transmitters provide a 4-20 or 10-50 MADC output and can be operated on 10 to 32 VDC. The transmitters feature 1500 Volt isolation, 0.2% accuracy and current limiting. J.I.C. enclosures of 16 ga. steel are standard for all models; explosion proof housings are optional. The 568 Series is a very rugged family of instrumentation transmitters for use in hostile environments.

All models are available with optional NEMA 7/9 enclosure and 10-50mA output.

Telmar Instruments 4-Wire Transmitters

General Specification for 500 Series Non-Isolated Transmitters:

  • Power:117/230VAC+10% 50/60Hz 5Watts

  • Accuracy: ± 0.2% of Span @ 75ºF

  • Compensated Temp. Range: 0 to +140ºF

  • Stability: ± 0.02% / of Span

  • Output Ripple: 3.0mVRMS Max.

Standard Outputs:

  • 0-1mADC into 20KΩ Max. Lim. 5 mA

  • 1-5mADC into 4000Ω Max. Lim. 10 mA

  • 4-20mADC into 1200Ω Max. Lim. 25 mA

  • 10-50mADC into 400Ω Max. Lim. 60 mA

  • 1-5VDC @ 250Ω 0-1 VDC @ 50Ω

  • 0-5VDC @ 250Ω 0-10 VDC @ 500Ω

All 500 series transmitters available with no alarms, low alarm, high alarm and low/high alarms; unless indicated otherwise.

Telmar Instruments Signal Alarms

The 500 Series of Signal Alarms have been designed for general- purpose instrumentation applications. All models are housed in 16ga steel cases featuring a universal mounting base and U. L. approved relays. These units come standard with High, Low or Dual Alarms.


  • Set Point Calibration: 0 to 100% of Span

  • Relay Dead band: 2.0% of Span

  • Relay Contact Rating: 5.0 Amps at 120VAC

  • Relay Operation Mode: Failsafe

  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0° F to 140° F

  • Operating Power: 117/220VAC/50/60Hz


  • Adjustable Dead band High/High or low/low Alarms L.E.D. Relay Indicator

  • 10 Turn Potentiometer-Dials










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