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On-Site Flow Surveys

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Chaltron Systems is pleased to offer our on-site flow survey service. Using our industry-leading portable non-intrusive clamp-on flow meter from Flexim Americas we can measure flow in any type of pipe* (copper, plastic, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc) ranging in size from 1/2" to 98" or greater for any type of liquid.  The equipment is designed for pipes carrying full flow at any pressure.  We apply the transit-time difference correlation method for an accurate measurement. 

A flow survey will show you the flow patterns in your system; tell you the pump performance, when the pump ran and the range of flows produced by the pump.

A flow survey can determine the flow rate and volume of liquid passing a specific point over time.  A flow-time history graph can be created using the built-in data logger, showing the instantaneous flow rate and total flow rate for any time increment.  The equipment will also record the direction of flow in the pipe and give a positive and negative total.

As per ANSI/ASME-MFC-5M-1985 Flexim imbeds temperature measurement into every transducer it manufactures. These Pt10K RTDs eliminate drift.


Flexim utilizes a unique cross-correlation technique that generates an all-encompassing envelope over the entire signal waveform, ensuring that minor signal shape differences between up/down impulses do not adversely affect the time measurement.


Ultra-low frequencies like 200 kHz G Transducers are available through FLEXIM. These transducers are utilized in applications with high solids 

content, because lower frequencies than normal decrease the attenuation effects of dirty liquids and slurries.


Unprecedented implementation of two microprocessors allows for an extremely high sampling rate (up to 1 kHz) which generates enough up/down signal pairs for a very high confidence level of the Gaussian Bell Curve analysis (95%). This leads to a lowered uncertainty of transit-time measurement; i.e. accuracy in the flow velocity domain.


Flexim includes a N.I.S.T. traceable calibration of every set of transducers it sells; this is unique in the market of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters.

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