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Paperless Graphic Recorders

Easy to use, secure and adaptable data recorders from Eurotherm Chessell with features that enable validation to 21 CFR Part11, remote viewing, custom graphics, email/text message alerts, web browsing, math, logic and much more. Large internal flash memories with secure data recording, audit trail and electronic signatures.

Chaltron Systems, Inc. is proud to represent Eurotherm, Inc. for Chessell recorder products. Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of control, measurement and data recording solutions and services to industrial and process customers. The company’s international reputation as a provider of innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of vertical markets is supported by engineering services designed to realise greater benefits to customers’ plant-wide assets. 



Eurotherm is a key business within Invensys Operations Management, a global technology, software and consulting organisation leading significant change in process manufacturing, plant optimisation, business operations and enterprise performance.


Eurotherm Chessell produce a wide range of Paperless Graphic Recorders, Strip Chart Recorders, Circular Recorders, and DAQ units to meet your data recording, archiving, and management needs.  Whether it is one of our paperless graphic recorders with the highest level of electronic file protection, or an accurate and robust strip chart recorders you can count on Eurotherm to be sure of data security.  All our recorders have a vast array of hardware and software options, all of which can be added in the field as

and when you need them.  Only invest in what is required for your application; nothing more, nothing less.



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