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Chaltron Systems, Inc. is proud to offer Kenco Plastics Flumes and Shelters in Ohio.  Kenco has over 50 year of experience and is located in Lewisburg, TN.

Kenco Plastics Company is a manufacturer of both molded and modular fiberglass buildings and enclosures, and Parshall and Palmer-Bowlus flumes. Kenco buildings, or KEN-SHELTER®s, have been used in a wide variety of industries from wastewater treatment to utility power plants to the railway system. KEN-SHELTER®s have housed generators, pumps, metering equipment, and much more. They also have functioned as temporary, on-site office facilities. KEN-SHELTER®s are for any setting in which corrosive elements are present. KEN-SHELTER®s provide an entirely non-corrosive environment.

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Modular KEN-SHELTER® is the name to trust for your shelter needs. For over 50 years producing tough one-piece fiberglass reinforced (FRP) buildings has been a specialty of the Kenco Plastics Company. KEN-SHELTER®s are engineered to protect your equipment in the harshest natural and man-made environments.


A KEN-SHELTER® will always be the best investment when you need to protect your equipment from nature’s aggressive heat, sun, wind, snow, and moisture, as well as man-made corrosive worksites.


The unique design and panel construction of the KEN-SHELTER® allows for an unlimited variety of sizes and floor plans for these fiberglass shelters. Each panel is fabricated with fiberglass reinforced polyester sheets laid over a structural wood framework. which is insulated with 1 1/2 ” polyurathane foam.


Each KEN-SHELTER® fiberglass shelter requires minimum maintenance or service as the color is impigmented throughout the thickness of the fiberglass sheets, which contain an ultraviolet stabilizer to retard discoloration.


Quick Installation

All buildings are factory assembled and inspected before shipment. Units may be shipped assembled to reduce installation time or knocked down to reduce freight costs. In either case, each building is specifically designed for quick installation. Also our mid-America location helps decrease shipping costs.


Custom Designs, Accessories and Options

Since Ken-Shelters are used by so many different industries, you may have a unique application. Call Kenco Customer Service today and they will provide you the engineering assistance needed to accommodate your industry specific needs. Custom programs are just part of the outstanding customer service you can always expect at Kenco Plastics.

Molded KEN-SHELTER®s can be used in a variety of applications, consider using yours to protect:


  • Pollution Monitoring Equipment

  • Field Instruments

  • Chlorination Equipment

  • Communication Electronics

  • Emergency Response Equipment

  • Feed Control Systems

  • Corrosive Component Storage

  • Field Office

  • Oil and Gas Field Test Hardware

  • Generator Covers

  • Water and Sanitation Pumps

  • Marine Equipment


Since KEN-SHELTER®s are used in so many different industries, your specific option may not be listed. That should not be a problem. Call Kenco Customer Service today and they will provide you the engineering assistance needed to accommodate your industry specific needs.

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Kenco Fiberglass Parshall Flumes are made of touch, maintenance-free reinforced fiberglass for virtually unlimited life and top performance.


• Rigid self-supporting design for metering liquids in open channels


• Smooth one-piece construction prevents debris build-up and reduces head loss


• Virtually unlimited life in the measuring of sewage and industrial wastes


Kenco flumes can be modified to meet most any need, i.e. without end transition piece, raised and lowered sidewalls, flange extensions, additional wall thickness, etc. Nested flumes are also available.

Kenco Palmer-Bowlus flumes are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the needs of the wastewater and chemical industry. With over 50 years of manufacturing fiberglass products and providing our customers quality service, Kenco Plastics has developed an enviable reputation. Our flumes include features and benefits such as the following:

  • The Palmer-Bowlus trapezoidal throat design assures a high velocity critical flow, translating into minimal flow restriction, low energy loss and better measuring accuracies at both low flow and peak capacity. 

  • The smooth gelcoated fluid contact surface decreases friction and prevents solids buildup.

  • A one-piece molded construction makes installation quick, easy and cost effective.

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