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Now Representing Sparling Instruments in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

Chaltron Systems, Inc. territory has been expanded from Northern Ohio to be the exclusive representative for Sparling Instruments for all of Ohio, Kentucky, and majority of Indiana. Chaltron will be serving the Industrial and Municipal markets.

Sparling Instruments was founded in 1919 by Ray W. Sparling and began manufacturing propeller meters to measure water for irrigation, water distribution facilities and waste water plants.

For almost 100 years Sparling Instruments has introduced numerous products and systems focused on the measurement of water, chemicals and other liquids for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Sparling continues to manufacture its popular main line propeller meters, TigermagEP™ magnetic flow meters to measure water, chemicals, and slurries.


TigermagEP meters are robust, versatile and excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes.

The TigermagEP is available in a wide range of sizes, electrodes and liner materials providing maximum flexibility to meet your process measurement needs.

The TigermagEP is available in both flanged and wafer (no flanges) mounting styles.

The Sparling FM-104/184 MainLine™ electronic propeller flow meter features fewer moving parts and a rugged Sparling design for longer life and reduced maintenance costs.

The battery powered electronic rate/totalizer, senses the propeller rotation via a magnetic pickup sensor located in the gearbox and translates these pulses to rate and total flow. The electronics within the FM-104/184 MainLine™ electronic flow meter are completely isolated from the flow stream in a NEMA-4X enclosure. A photoelectric cell activates the display when the cover is opened. The display goes into “sleep mode” when the cover is closed. The lithium battery is rated for 8 years.

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