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Now Representing Eldridge Products in Ohio and Kentucky

Chaltron Systems, Inc. is proud to be the exclusive representative for Eldridge Products, Inc in Ohio and Kentucky.  EPI provides Thermal Dispersion mass flow metering solutions for all branches of industry.  All instruments are assembled, calibrated and tested in the Marina, CA facility.

For over 30 years, EPI™ has specialized in manufacturing accurate, economical and reliable thermal mass flow meters and other flow related products that are proudly made in the USA.  These products include single point measuring systems, multi-point measuring systems, flow averaging tubes, and high temperature measurements up to 977°F / 525°C.​

EPI™ flow meters are immersion type inferential mass flow meters utilizing constant temperature thermal dispersion sensor technology. The rate of heat absorbed from the sensor by the flowing gas molecules contacting the sensor is proportional to the gas mass velocity. Mass flow rate is this mass velocity passing through a fixed area. By math, mass velocity x area = mass flow. Sensor construction consists of two matched, reference-grade platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) sheathed in rugged thin wall 316 stainless steel thermo wells. The only materials exposed to the process gas stream are 316 SS (or optional Hastelloy C276).

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