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Now Representing Toshiba in Ohio and Kentucky

Chaltron Systems, Inc. has been selected to be a representative for Toshiba International Corporation, Instrumentation Division in Ohio and Kentucky Territory.

Toshiba has been manufacturing top of the line Magnetic Flow Meters that carry a 10 year warranty and are backed by quality manufacturing practices derived from 50 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including general industrial, oil and gas, utilities, data centers, renewable;s, HVAC, water/wastewater, and mining.

TOSHIBA offers a wide range of meter sizes from 1/2" up to ​120" and a variety of meter types to best fit the application as well a density analyzer.

  • GF Series - Premium Value

  • LF Series - Mount Anywhere

  • Sanitary - Gap-Free 

  • Capacitance Severe Service

  • Microwave Density Analyzer

Toshiba's LF654 Mount-Anywhere Magmeter has saved thousands of customers thousands of dollars in installation costs by reducing or eliminating the cost of wiring, fence, labor, pipe, conduit, and space. The Mount-Anywhere characterized coil technology allows flow measurement to better than 0.5% (down to 0.2%) of rate accuracy with only one diameter from the flange of an elbow, valve in line sizes up to 18".

The Mount-Anywhere Magmeter is the world's first and only true-flow, profile-immune magmeter. There is no need to re-pipe the process or to design long straight runs ahead of time to ensure the magmeter will meet its published accuracy specification. The Mount-Anywhere Magmeter is ideal for use as a universal magmeter with its ability to be installed virtually anywhere in the plant. This model is the successor of LF434/LF620, LF434/LF622.

In addition to Magnetic flow meters, Toshiba also offers the LQ500 Microwave Analyzer measurement technique is based on the way solids affect the propagation of microwaves compared to all other ingredients in the pipe, and thus, the unit is solely specific to the percent solids in the pipe.

The LQ500's primary use is to increase plant efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce labor and laboratory costs. It is also used for replacing high maintenance or poor performing meters such as optical, ultrasonic, nuclear, blades, coriolis, etc. The LQ500 can be used in industries such as water/wastewater, pulp & paper, food & beverage, mining, aggregate, and pharmaceutical.

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