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Now Representing Sierra Monitor in Northern Ohio

Chaltron Systems, Inc. has been selected to be the exclusive representative for Sierra Monitor Corp for the Northern Ohio Territory.

For 40 years, Sierra Monitor has been protecting and connecting high value industrial and facilities equipment. Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT flame and gas detection solutions address the facilities safety segment. The Sentry IT branded controllers, sensor modules, and software are used by safety managers to protect facility personnel and assets across thousands of facilities such as natural gas vehicle fueling and maintenance stations, wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas refineries and pipelines, parking garages, and underground telephone vaults.

Sierra Monitor's flame and gas detectors and control systems are installed at thousands of facilities across various industries, from Oil and Gas processing plants to chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Our systems and solutions carry a wide-range of certifications from various Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories that hold our products to the highest of standards.

Sierra Monitor’s line of combustible and toxic gas detectors meet the industry’s highest certifications for performance and safety. Offering Solid State Sensors, Catalytic Bead Sensors, Infrared Sensors, Electrochemical Toxic Sensors, and Open Path Combustible Sensors.

Sierra Monitor’s line of flame detectors meet the industry’s highest certifications for performance and safety.  Offering UV/IR Flame Detector, UV Flame Detector, Multi-IR Flame Detector, and UV/IR/Vis Flame Detector.

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