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Now Representing Seametrics in Ohio and Kentucky

Chaltron Systems, Inc. is proud to be a representative for Seametrics in Ohio and Kentucky.  Seametrics offers inline and insertion style Magnetic Flow Meters, Mechanical Paddlewheel Flow Meters, Mechanical Turbine Meters, and Multi-Jet and Single-Jet Pulse Meters.

Seametrics, an ONICON Measurement Solutions business, is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering and submersible sensor products. Since 1990 we have provided innovative solutions to users in irrigation, fracking, water treatment, groundwater, surface water, and chemical processing applications.

Featured Product: iMAG 4700 Battery Powered Flanged In-Line Magmeter. This battery powered magnetic flow meter is a great alternative to replacing mechanical propeller meters. The meter has no moving parts and is battery powered or can be externally DC powered.

Minimal straight pipe, Meter mounted rate/total indicator, Pulse output standard,

Additional optional output (DC version) 4-20mA loop, HART/4-20mA, or Modbus, Optional datalogger.

Use in water & wastewater treatment, municipalities, pump skids, pump stations, packaged plants, filtration systems, reclaimed water, hydraulic fracturing. NSF-61 approved, IP68 rated

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