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Now Representing TRICOR Coriolis for Ohio & Kentucky

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Chaltron Systems, Inc. has been selected to be the exclusive representative for TRICOR Coriolis Technology for the Ohio and Kentucky Territory.

When you combine decades of experience with truly unique talents, great things can happen. TRICOR Coriolis Technology engineers have been intimately involved with the development and evolution of Coriolis flow instrumentation since the beginning. In fact, many of the critical patents for Coriolis technology bear our engineers’ names.

​TRICOR Coriolis Technology products were designed and engineered in the Germany the United States and Switzerland. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany is equipped with superior calibration and test equipment that guarantees performance making us a leading Coriolis flow meters manufacturer that exceeds customer expectations.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology has expanded their product portfolio of Coriolis flow meters to include three distinct product lines. The TRICOR CLASSIC Series of Coriolis flow meters is our “standard” line with lower cost and performance specs for broader market appeal. The TRICOR PRO Series is our “advanced” line with greater performance, diagnostics and connectivity options, as well as a DSP transmitter. The TRICOR SPECIALTY Series includes Coriolis flow meters that are designed for high pressure applications.

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